This Saturday's Market.
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20th Market Day 3-25-17

Let us make your everlasting wait for spring seem a brighter. The market is filled with fresh local vegetables, that seem almost like the summer we are dreaming of.  Come visit us at our greenhouse and take in the sights, smells, and excitement of the market; you'll forget about the rain while you're here, and will be inspired to experience the healthy and locally-produced foods offered by nearly 30 vendors.

Looking forward to tomorrow's market

First spring market and it feels yet again like winter!
Come join us tomorrow 10:00-1:30.

Super Bowl Weekend is here!!!!

Super Bowl Weekend is here!!!!!!
Your watch party can be covered with all the options offered at tomorrow's winter market, 10:00-1:30.
-Healthy - Sweet - Prepared
-Organic - Local - Fresh
-Fun- Vegetarian

"Let's GO!!!!!!" Tom Brady

Farmers' Market tomorrow!!! (1/14)

We are really excited about tomorrow's market...#2 of 2017!  We're thinking about Sunday brunch.
Bacon (Porkside Farm)
Eggs (Meadowview and Tilton Hill Goat Farm)French Toast (Abigails and The Bread Peddler)
Homemade Applesauce (Hackleboro Orchard, their last market of the season)

Give your blade a gift of a fresh edge!

This weekend give your carving knife the blade it deserves!
National Sharpening will be at this Saturday's market on the 10th.
Sharpen all knives including cutco serrated, steak knives, chef's knives, all Asian knives, all types of scissors including pinking shears.

First Market of December!!!

In the news!

Thanks Concord Insider for a quick mention in this week's paper.  We are really excited to start the market this weekend!  it has been too long!!!
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2016-2017 Winter Market is around the corner!!!

Two weeks in counting...we can almost taste the market's goodies!!!

Pope Memorial SPCA

Pope Memorial Adoption Q&A at the last Market on 4/16. Learn how easy it is for you to adopt a new friend to you family.

Saturday's Vendors (4/2)


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